Expedition Talle Valley – Arunachal Pradesh

The road was nearly impossible. The incessant rains had eroded the sides, tadalafil making passage very challenging for our vehicle. Trees brought down by heavy gusts of wind lay across the road, which itself had turned into slush, part ravine, part bog. We had been forewarned about the road conditions but our only other option was to hire a hundred porters to lug all our equipment to Pange, our base camp. So we continued onwards – hacking, pushing, slipping and sliding our way precariously to Pange. We refused to consider the possibility that the continuous rain might prevent our return trip.

Expedition Talle Valley – Over seven days of sampling we encountered eight species of snakes, two lizards and ten amphibians!!

Here’s a short behind the scenes video clip of the expedition compiled and edited by Chinmay Rane.
If you’d like to visit the website please click here: http://felis.in/rave/

The Rave website was put together by Seth Patterson my colleague from the Gorgas Science Foundation who was also on the expedition.

In the December 2010 issue of Sanctuary Asia, an article about the expedition was featured. Will put up a link to that on the website shortly.

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on “Expedition Talle Valley – Arunachal Pradesh
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