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Every year a limited number of students or professionals get an opportunity to intern at Felis. These are 3-month unpaid internships, during which time you will learn different aspects of Wildlife Photography & Filmmaking. We look for hardworking, aspiring people who are self-starters, good team players and are ready to work in the most inhospitable and remote corners of the world.


Youth for Conservation

Being a nature photographer and a conservation educator, I was fortunate enough to do an internship at a visual arts company like Felis. When I heard about the internship opportunity to work as a field assistant for a National Geographic Channel documentary, I realised it would be the ideal platform for me to embark on a short journey of exploratory learning.

The `Secrets of the King Cobra` project was a perfectly tailored experience for me to understand the world of wildlife filmmaking. Felis, particularly Sandesh Kadur, gave me the opportunity and freedom to work, for around a year, as a field assistant for this documentary. This enabled me to develop hands-on experience on various areas involved in making a natural history documentary, with a good production value. The icing on the cake was the opportunity to film the nest building of a wild female King Cobra.

I learnt that if you are an individual aspiring to explore nature and wildlife through filmmaking, you need to be curious and have an inclination towards the natural world, coupled with flexibility. While working on a documentary, one should be situationally aware and be ready to work on anything, right from cleaning a car to cooking and hours of cataloging.

Every Intern will get a chance to use industry standard equipments during their fieldwork for the international projects. The best and most capable intern will get a chance to work at Felis


Interning at Felis has been an intense experience to say the least. One of the most important aspects of working here is that you are thrown right in the middle of the action. You don`t just hang around waiting for things to happen, as there is "always something to be done at Felis". And all you need to do is take on the responsibility and jump right into it. I think I was incredibly lucky to be able to spend a significant amount of time in the field during my internship period, which required me to really hit the ground running. I was learning from day 1, trying to get a handle on things and to keep pace with Sandesh, and I sure did stumble a couple of times but ultimately its a certain amount of faith that you are entrusted with that makes you rise up to the challenge.


Srishti School of Design, Bangalore

When I first came to Felis, I was extremely nervous as I had very little experience in film making and close to no experience in wildlife film making but after my first week as an intern I found that I had become much more confident and that I really enjoyed coming to the office. The team is extremely supportive and encouraging and always willing to teach. Sandesh always takes the time to explain things and teach you new things. I found the whole experience very encouraging and it has inspired me to work on more ambitious projects for my diploma at Srishti.  I know that Felis has pointed me in the right direction, I couldn’t have asked for a better internship.

"When you`re working at Felis, its more than just going to office everyday; it becomes a part of your life, which grows to be a rewarding experience." NITYE SOOD


I joined Felis as an intern to pursue my interest in film. I also felt attracted towards this field for making an attempt at working alongside the environment. In three months I`ve received a fairly comprehensive understanding of how a production house focused on wildlife content creates and manages its media. It`s a great chance to work with industry-standard processes and equipment, learning the ropes from a team that`s extremely friendly and responsive. I had a great time.


Srishti School of Design, Bangalore

I was very enthusiastic about the various Felis conservation projects as they enhanced my educational experience through practical work assignment. Being a student of film making with a passion for wildlife, my internship at Felis complemented my coursework at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology.

I was involved in editing a short film of an expedition to Tompotika in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Despite having edited my own films earlier, this experience was different due to certain technical aspects in the process of editing. I found the experience of creating a narrative of another person’s adventure, both challenging and exciting. I learnt how the process of editing calls for successive reedits to make the perfect finished product and the importance of each frame in the larger picture. I am glad to have got an opportunity to work at Felis and hope to experience it again while learning new things.