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Indian forests, culture, religion and mythology have long been dominated by the tiger. The tiger plays the dual role of giver and destroyer across the Indian landscape, kindling a spectrum of emotions. This documentary focuses on the deep connection between man and tiger in India. In the film ‘Waghoba’, Malaika travels to the heart of her country to uncover this relationship, all the while in the search of a mysterious, elusive male tiger.

In her quest for this tiger, she unravels the stark contrast in human emotion towards the tiger, in one of India’s newest tiger reserves. This film is a journey through a time when man and tiger coexist together in the same terrain – like never before. Waghoba tells the story of the Modern Indian tiger in its ever-changing context through the lens of the communities that share their home with the tiger.



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Malaika Vaz is a 19-year-old athlete, social entrepreneur, explorer and emerging filmmaker from   Goa, India.  She is the youngest person in the world to   expedition to   both Antarctica and the Arctic and the youngest certified Indian pilot as well.

As Brand Ambassador for Woodland and Victorinox, she has campaigned   strongly   for   environmental   protection   and sustainable   practice, through campaigns such as  ‘Leave No Trace’ at music festivals and the ‘Protect the Poles’ movement.

She is the founder of a women’s   empowerment organization   Kriyā and  works   to   empower women victims   of violence and marginalized communities through adventure sport and outdoor education. She is a national level windsurfing champion, and has represented India at international sailing regatta`s. Malaika is also an endurance horse rider, scuba diver, sailor and swimmer. 

She is now   beginning her foray   into   the world of wildlife storytelling and ‘Waghoba: Provider, Destroyer, Deity’ is her debut film.

An emerging cameraman from Bangalore, India, Nitye Sood has spent the past couple of years traveling extensively across the Indian subcontinent, documenting incredible biodiversity, uncharted terrain and the beauty of the lush outdoors.

Affiliated with production house Felis Creations since 2014, Nitye has been involved in projects ranging from filming endangered Hoollock Gibbons in Assam to capturing the rare mating behavior of Indian Bullfrogs in the Western Ghats. Through Felis Creations,

he has assisted with documenting species like Himalayan Black Bears, Asiatic Lions, King Cobras and Rhinos with renowned networks like the BBC, National Geographic and Animal Planet.

A gritty outdoorsman - Nitye is an accomplished mountaineer, scuba-diver and is learning the art of surfing on the charming Sri Lankan coast. Having worked on an Oscar-nominated film, he brings his technical grit and cinematographic passion to the table with ‘Waghoba: Provider, Destroyer, Deity’.


  • 7th May 2015, Koshy`s Chillout, Bangalore

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