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This film takes a brief look at the life of a Western Hoolock Gibbon named Kalia, in Northeast India. Kalia is very special to the human community that she lives with. However her proximity to humans eventually takes her life, as she is killed by a member of the community. 

The Hoolock Gibbon is one of the rarest primates on this planet. Today, their populations stands threatened by poaching as well as habitat loss due to human encroachment. The film uses Kalia as a lens to explore the broader status of the species and its rapidly declining territory in Northeast India. 

This film provides a glimpse into the life of Kalia and the people who loved her. In memory of Kalia, 14th January will be celebrated as World Hoolock Gibbon Day.



Cameraman / Editor





Born to the queen of the hills in the Western Ghats, with the wilderness running in his blood, Nikhil`s childhood was spent in the outdoors, climbing trees, caring for animals and birds, spending time with local shelters neutering the strays and helping with numerous captures and relocation of many animals. Carrying his passion forward, Nikhil will pursue the world of media to document and showcase his views. 

Nikhil was the first volunteer in Eco-volunteers - an initiative by the Karnataka government to help in contributing to the state`s ecological diversity.

A graduate in Media Management from ISB&M in Pune, he interned with an ad-film agency to learn the basics of filmmaking. 


Combining his passion for the wild with his interest in the media industry, he began to work with Felis Creations. He is honing his skills as a field assistant under Sandesh Kadur, travelling to exotic locations filming natural history and endangered species like Tigers, Hoolock Gibbons and Cranes.

An emerging cameraman from Bangalore, India, Nitye Sood has spent the past couple of years traveling extensively across the Indian subcontinent, documenting incredible biodiversity, uncharted terrain and the beauty of the lush outdoors.

Affiliated with production house Felis Creations since 2014, Nitye has been involved in projects ranging from filming endangered Hoollock Gibbons in Assam to capturing the rare mating behavior of Indian Bullfrogs in the Western Ghats.

Through Felis Creations, he has assisted with documenting species like Himalayan Black Bears, Asiatic Lions, King Cobras and Rhinos with renowned networks like the BBC, National Geographic and Animal Planet.

A gritty outdoorsman - Nitye is an accomplished mountaineer, scuba-diver and is learning the art of surfing on the charming Sri Lankan coast.